Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trying out some animation practice and such

Animation is wearing out my pen nibs :)

 Hey ya'll. It's nice to be back and I'd like to make a different post before Inktober ends tomorrow and I post the remaining Inktober drawings I made.

 So as the title suggests, I've been trying my hand with some basic character animation in hopes of making more animated cartoon projects. 

 Here's a few samples of some of my new animation clips:

Simple Chuck Bouncing in Place Animation

Sample Punching Animation

Sack of Flour Waving Animation

Pokemon Evolution Animation: Litwick to Lampent to Chandelure

 As everybody here knows, I love cartoons and may delve into creating some more short animation projects. I wish I could make some money by doing these.

 Anywhoo, I'm currently progressing through Anarchy Inc. #2. Doing some finishing touches to Page 8 and hopefully be ready for sale on November for Winter Komikon along with my friends in Eventual Empire Comics. Also our comic Anthology will be featuring a new series I've been cooking up called "Strange Tales". So check out the Eventual Empire Table and the Peksar and Friends table at Winter Komikon.

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