Monday, November 21, 2016

Still on a Komikon High

Winter Komikon 2016 was a blast.

 Thought I'd update this blog as well with what happened last Komikon weekend.

 Got messed up on the first day being 7 hours late because had to go to the doctor's to get my girlfriend's blood tests. Sigh.

 No worries though. We went back the next day and I sold out on 3 titles of my comic books. That is just the best feeling. I loved that a lot people were able to respond and enjoy my creations... T_T

 Also we ran into some great names in local comics and got some great advice on how to get our work out there more. 

 So thanks to all the participants and organizers of Komikon 2016 and we'll see you next con.

 Til next time, Enjoy your comics!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Inktober Catch Up : 19 - 31

All the way!

 It's here... Finally got to upload my Inktober drawings for Days 19 - 31. Apologies for the delay cuz I actually got hand cramps from making all these and my black and blue brush pens are now running on fumes :))

 Anywho, here are the new drawings :) Enjoy!

Day 19: Archon Action Pose

Day 20: Monster Rancher: Ducken

Day 21: Mushroompire

Day 22: Anarchy Inc.: Erdex

Day 23: Naruto: Nara Shikamaru

Day 24: Pokemon : Pancham and Pangoro

Day 25: Bradley

Day 26: Super Mario: Lemmy

Day 27: Batman: Mr. Freeze

Day 28: Adventure Time: Ice King and Gunter

Day 29: 'Splosions

Day 30: Batman: Mad Hatter

Day 31: Anarchy Inc.: Nocturne

 Phew! It was a good Inktober :D Hopefully by next Inktober I'll have more colored markers available and be able to have some more drawing materials for these :D

 Anyone out there done with their Inktober stint? Give me a shoutout in the comments section! Til next time, Enjoy your cartoons :)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trying out some animation practice and such

Animation is wearing out my pen nibs :)

 Hey ya'll. It's nice to be back and I'd like to make a different post before Inktober ends tomorrow and I post the remaining Inktober drawings I made.

 So as the title suggests, I've been trying my hand with some basic character animation in hopes of making more animated cartoon projects. 

 Here's a few samples of some of my new animation clips:

Simple Chuck Bouncing in Place Animation

Sample Punching Animation

Sack of Flour Waving Animation

Pokemon Evolution Animation: Litwick to Lampent to Chandelure

 As everybody here knows, I love cartoons and may delve into creating some more short animation projects. I wish I could make some money by doing these.

 Anywhoo, I'm currently progressing through Anarchy Inc. #2. Doing some finishing touches to Page 8 and hopefully be ready for sale on November for Winter Komikon along with my friends in Eventual Empire Comics. Also our comic Anthology will be featuring a new series I've been cooking up called "Strange Tales". So check out the Eventual Empire Table and the Peksar and Friends table at Winter Komikon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Inktober Catch up 11-18

Here's more of the Inktober stuff...

 Hey hey I'm back... And here's another dump of Inktober stuff for your viewing pleasure.

Pez from Point Break Mall as Spaceman Spiff

Sonic The Hedgehog

Hackris Portrait

Rabbit Badger Monster Mashup

Star Wars Inspired Scene

Batman in Two Tones

Dragon like Yoshi

Eustace Bagge with fun mask :D

 Also working on more pages for my comics and trying out animation because I really want to make those :D

 How's Inktober holding up in your opinion? Let me know in the comments section. Til next time, Enjoy your Cartoons :D

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Inktober Catch up 9-10

Follow up to the 1-8...

 Since I already finished them anyway I might as well post them up before I go back to the call center soon. I may not be able to post the next ones for a while again. So here's a couple of follow up works for Inktober Day 9 and 10.

Day 9: Dark Auras and Cross Hatching... I'm starting to love using my brush pen... 

Day 10: Auntie Whispers from Over the Garden Wall. I like how scary she looks :)) also she's voiced by Tim Curry. Hell yeah.

 There's an old saying about doing work that you love and how it nourishes your spirit. I like that and I'm hoping my spirits gets it's 3 squares a day.

 Calling out for Inktober artists out there. Hollah at me in the comment section. Til next time, Enjoy your cartoons...

Inktober 2016 Day 1 - 8

Here they are :D

 I mentioned in my last post that I was working on some stuff for Inktober. I must say I'm loving creating these drawings. They provide me with a sense of enjoyment and purpose. I could lose a bunch of hours just inking away. *sigh* I realized this week that I had burnout syndrome. That's why I was so cynical most of the time. I was having a hard time trying to figure out my happiness. Then here it is :D Along with my loving partner in crime: My girl. 

Anywhoo, enough self pity and on with the Inktober show:

Day 1 : A bit of a declaration drawing that I will commit to this project

Day 2 : Something I haven't drawn much. Trees. I like how serene they can be.

Day 3: Chubby Kid Self Portrait. I kinda look like a rabbi.

Day 4: Itsy from Anarchy Inc. I'm trying to work him in the next issue. Whew my workflow is a mess.

Day 5: The Elderly Gentleman Assassin. Black suits are fun to ink. :D

Day 6: Archon (Anarchy Inc.) Leaping Action pose. I forgot I had a blue brush pen til day 6.

Day 7: Jack Headshot. I loved the other headshots by other artists for Inktober. Thought I'd do one too.

Day 8 : Cave of Mystery. Thought it would make a nice story idea.

 So that's days 1-8 for now. I'm glad I was able to get an affordable leatherbound notebook/sketchpad. Only problem is the ink tends to bleed on to the back the paper so I have to put an extra sheet behind it to keep it from staining the next page. Also I can't use the pages back to back. Oh well.

 It's not too late to catch up to Inktober my dear readers. Show me your work by linking it in the comment section. Til next time, Enjoy your cartoons :D

Friday, October 7, 2016

Prelude to Inktober Posts :D

Wait for it....

 Yep we all know what month it is... It's Inktober and with that I will be filling up my sketchpad with fun ink illustrations which I will be posting up in this blog. So wait for it... cuz I haven't got a scanner and it may take some time to take pictures of all my inkwork for inktober.

 For the meantime here's some more artworks to tide you over while i get my inktober work up and running :D


This one's a profile pic for a new Anarchy Inc. villain. Bart Mensk aka Bulldozer has the power of Mega Velocity. When he starts it's pretty hard to make him stop :D

Here's another sneak preview of my short comic: Strange Tales featured in the Eventual Empire Anthology book to be released next Komikon.

A vector fan art for a video game that needs to be revived: BomberMan :D

 Anywho, Anyone else out there doing the Inktober challenges? Let me know in the comments. Til then, Enjoy your art. :D