Friday, October 7, 2016

Prelude to Inktober Posts :D

Wait for it....

 Yep we all know what month it is... It's Inktober and with that I will be filling up my sketchpad with fun ink illustrations which I will be posting up in this blog. So wait for it... cuz I haven't got a scanner and it may take some time to take pictures of all my inkwork for inktober.

 For the meantime here's some more artworks to tide you over while i get my inktober work up and running :D


This one's a profile pic for a new Anarchy Inc. villain. Bart Mensk aka Bulldozer has the power of Mega Velocity. When he starts it's pretty hard to make him stop :D

Here's another sneak preview of my short comic: Strange Tales featured in the Eventual Empire Anthology book to be released next Komikon.

A vector fan art for a video game that needs to be revived: BomberMan :D

 Anywho, Anyone else out there doing the Inktober challenges? Let me know in the comments. Til then, Enjoy your art. :D

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