Friday, September 23, 2016

Midseason Blues

Need to mine more minerals...

 So it's already late September and We've been living at our new apartment and I must I'm loving the new found freedom I've discovered moving out of my mom's house and living with my lovely girlfriend :D

 What I'm not loving as much though is that I'm still stuck at a dead end call center job that's been burning me out without mercy for the past 2 months...

 It's getting to be an issue... I do love talking to random strangers and creating characters out of them in my head though...

So I'm starting to gear up for Winter Komikon 2016 and I made a short comic to be included in an anthology book with my friends from Eventual Empire. I'll be posting up some preview panels for my readers to enjoy.

I'm still stuck on my Anarchy Inc. Issue #2 but I've been getting a lot of new source material for my 3rd issue of Welcome to the BPO thanks to the ridiculous situation I have at work right now.

So here are some new artwork for ya'll:

The Strange Tale of Joe Marcus Flavian preview for the Eventual Empire Anthology

The mascot of Komikon, Komet the Kosmic Kat, redesigned by me for the contest.

How I go to work every night... Crossing a wooden plank over a moat canal due to roadwork.

 Anyone out there with any thoughts on the upcoming Komikon in Manila this November? Let me know on the comments. Til then... Enjoy your comics :D

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