Monday, August 29, 2016


Time and Space ain't got nothin to do with it, baby!

 I have one more week before the big move to our new apartment. I also found myself a special rarity of a 3 day weekend from my "paying job". So after I caught myself up on sleep and gaming. I still had the itch to draw stuff. I'm a bit stuck on my comic books since I'm still trying to balance out the stories I'm writing. 

 But there was always something at the back of my mind that I should be learning more. That me just drawing was never gonna get me anywhere. I'd still be stuck scraping on by doing jobs that try to suck out whatever individuality you had and reduce you to a bunch of numbers. And I got scared... like most of the time when I think like that. I was scared that my work may not reach anyone at this rate. So I draw and I draw and ultimately it gets drowned out by the millions upon millions pieces of art out there. 

 Sigh... I felt helpless. So I do what I mostly do and ask the internet for help. I found some of the best TED talks to perk me up as well as an amazing documentary on comic book artists like Jack Kirby and Will Eisner. The way they and the people close to them talked about their work and their life was so amazing to me. I just realized that making my cartoons and comics are what makes me want to stay alive. I just love to make them and I should focus on that more than any despair or helplessness I see in front of me.

 Still though I need to make a bigger effort for this.. Hopefully I can get myself a gallery opening and whatnot since I work my dingy job so I can finally do what I want. It'd be a shame if I didn't put that money to use.

Anyway... here's some new artworks that may or may not make the cut for my imaginary art gallery opening nearby soon.

Bunny Doodles Collection :D

Jack Side Leap Poster :D

Kitty Fish Thug :D

 Anybody know any affordable galleries at Metro Manila? Hit me up in the comics section :D Til Next Time, Enjoy your art!

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