Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Night Watchman

It's accurate to say that Jack's one of my favorite characters to draw. I made this back in High School... During class... The teachers weren't very happy about that. I doodled a lot during class. Simply because the class could not grab my interest. Some classes did, Most didn't. Which has a lot to say about the teachers. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Working Rant #1

"The Graduation Rant"

Perhaps, I begin, that maybe, I continue, I find myself looking a few months back when I set foot upon a stage in a line waiting to be given a piece of parchment that says I've accomplished something. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts last October 2012. I majored in multimedia arts. For what it's worth.

But let us start from the beginning, I looked for a college where I could learn to do one of my favorite things: Drawing Cartoons. I found one in a noisy corner of Manila, or so I thought. Quickly did I realize how riddled with hoops and headaches college life would be. What with ridiculous tuition fees and force fed curriculum, I found myself losing interest.

I always found solace in watching cartoons or reading comic books. I think it's what kept me going. I wanted to learn how to do this kind of magic. Thankfully, there were some individuals that helped me move forward during my 5 year stay. I learned a lot there. Even with my resistance to be "educated". 

I would come across people who run you ragged just to produce semi-par ideas. They think working hard could cheat a smart idea. They were scared. They stopped having fun with what they were doing and just wanted to impress people. Not to say I didn't want the same. All artists want to impress people. But I wanted to have fun, first and foremost. Even if I had no innate talent for the other aspects of Multimedia Arts aside from a crazy imagination, it was fun to learn it nonetheless.

The "doing" was always the fun part. It was always the "judging" that wracked our minds.

To be continued...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Djinn

I made some artwork for Neil Gaiman's new book. A Calendar of Tales or something to that effect. :D

The Djinn from the October story...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tim Burton Style

Wanted to try drawing my Avatar the same way they do Tim Burton Animation. :D

Kind of looks like an animated horror movie... :D

Coming soon to a theater near you.

Doomworx Laboratories: Dr. Mayhem

Another Character Profile for you guys from my comic series Doomworx Laboratories. 

Name: Dr. Myron Hemlock aka Dr. Mayhem
Occupation: Super Villain

Dr. Mayhem is the main character of the series and is an "unsponsored" super villain. He has the ability to create wicked and awesome inventions. He's a genius when it comes to electric and bio technology. Some of his greatest achievements are his minions, Duckroid and B33zle. He's hellbent to be the world's #1 Super Villain. But without any sponsors, he's gonna need to bump off everyone at the top. Problem is, even though Dr. Mayhem claims to be evil, he does more good than harm. Often helping the populace by defeating one of the top super villains. 

Mayhem Unleashed Splash Art
Dr. Mayhem Poster Art
Doomworx Lab #1: Cover

SnakeMan Doodle

It's been a while since I've been looking for employment and not really getting anywhere... So anyway here's a little I did for fun and practice.

 SnakeMan :D