Monday, July 15, 2013

The Working Rant #1

"The Graduation Rant"

Perhaps, I begin, that maybe, I continue, I find myself looking a few months back when I set foot upon a stage in a line waiting to be given a piece of parchment that says I've accomplished something. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts last October 2012. I majored in multimedia arts. For what it's worth.

But let us start from the beginning, I looked for a college where I could learn to do one of my favorite things: Drawing Cartoons. I found one in a noisy corner of Manila, or so I thought. Quickly did I realize how riddled with hoops and headaches college life would be. What with ridiculous tuition fees and force fed curriculum, I found myself losing interest.

I always found solace in watching cartoons or reading comic books. I think it's what kept me going. I wanted to learn how to do this kind of magic. Thankfully, there were some individuals that helped me move forward during my 5 year stay. I learned a lot there. Even with my resistance to be "educated". 

I would come across people who run you ragged just to produce semi-par ideas. They think working hard could cheat a smart idea. They were scared. They stopped having fun with what they were doing and just wanted to impress people. Not to say I didn't want the same. All artists want to impress people. But I wanted to have fun, first and foremost. Even if I had no innate talent for the other aspects of Multimedia Arts aside from a crazy imagination, it was fun to learn it nonetheless.

The "doing" was always the fun part. It was always the "judging" that wracked our minds.

To be continued...

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