Sunday, July 7, 2013

Doomworx Laboratories: Dr. Mayhem

Another Character Profile for you guys from my comic series Doomworx Laboratories. 

Name: Dr. Myron Hemlock aka Dr. Mayhem
Occupation: Super Villain

Dr. Mayhem is the main character of the series and is an "unsponsored" super villain. He has the ability to create wicked and awesome inventions. He's a genius when it comes to electric and bio technology. Some of his greatest achievements are his minions, Duckroid and B33zle. He's hellbent to be the world's #1 Super Villain. But without any sponsors, he's gonna need to bump off everyone at the top. Problem is, even though Dr. Mayhem claims to be evil, he does more good than harm. Often helping the populace by defeating one of the top super villains. 

Mayhem Unleashed Splash Art
Dr. Mayhem Poster Art
Doomworx Lab #1: Cover

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