Saturday, February 27, 2016

Unlucky Ducky

The Unlucky Ducky Card Series

 I dropped by a cool site a few weeks back called: It's all about trading cards with other users. I loved trading cards, most especially, trading card games. 

 I still have my binder of Pokemon Core Set cards. I didn't have a Charizard though. T_T It was hard to keep up alongside the pro players with my 6th grade allowance. However I did have my favorite Pokemon in my deck. (Gastly, Haunter and Gengar) 

 Neon mob still does a great job of recreating that feeling when you open a new booster pack and ups the ante by giving you some free packs everyday. The card collections they have are awesome pieces of art and some also have great themes like Starwars. 

 Anywhoo, I wanted to join in on the fun so I decided to make my own series for Neon Mob called : Unlucky Ducky. It's about a duck that always manages to be at the short end of the stick. I always loved how creative the death scenes were in games and cartoons. I'm looking at you Kenny McCormick and Crash Bandicoot. :D

 I hope you guys get on Neon Mob and grab a pack of my new series when it comes out.

 Here's a sample:

(Monster Plant)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Fanart: Spike Spiegel

I wonder what Cowboy Bebop as a song Sounds like?

So working my way through the Cowboy Bebop series... Love the characters and the short stories :D Wanted to remake ol' Spike Spiegel in my cartoon style.

I guess the Space Bounty Hunter is a really fun character. He's laid back and a great Bruce Lee fan. I love the way he fights and love watching the animation when he does. All the other characters are also deep and great.

What's the best episode for you guys? Let me know in the comments.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Archon : Boxing Sketch


Hey Ya'll! Whew... So I was going back to some training exercises so I can learn more to improve how I do my art and whatnot. 

I got some sound advice on learning to use more photo references so i get a better sense of proportions and anatomy. It's always been more a challenge for me since I like to create stories in my drawings more and tend to neglect the fundamentals of making it more lifelike. So I tried scouring the image searches for nice poses. I got this nice one with boxing gloves and I thought I could use this pose and apply it on one of my characters. 

I'm also trying to learn more about coloring. I added some cool shadows, which is something I haven't tried much yet. Also some warm highlights. Aside from this I'm trying to put more thought into my composition by adding more quiet areas and giving emphasis to some areas. 

So slowly, really slowly, I'm trying to make sure my art is getting more and more up to the level I want to be. 

Anyone else feel like me, climbing this giant wall of learning the fundamentals? :)

Anarchy Inc: Minox

His Power Sucks...

I owed my friend, Miles, a poster of my OC based on him :) He always wears a hoodie and kinda looks like a panda. 

Minox gained the ability to contain a black hole in his body so he's one of the wanted Metahumans in Bale City. His power allows him to pull in a huge amount of stuff into his mouth and belly. He mostly uses himself as a suitcase for pulling out supplies when he and his crew do a job but when he unleashes his black hole, it's best to start running. 

Minox is mostly docile like a panda but he still has a knack for being useful in his criminal crew led by "The Komodo". 

I'm trying to add this quaint line of action through this sketch... I'm still trying to learn how to do it right :)

Any suggestions on an arc for The Komodo Krew?