Thursday, February 4, 2016

Anarchy Inc: Minox

His Power Sucks...

I owed my friend, Miles, a poster of my OC based on him :) He always wears a hoodie and kinda looks like a panda. 

Minox gained the ability to contain a black hole in his body so he's one of the wanted Metahumans in Bale City. His power allows him to pull in a huge amount of stuff into his mouth and belly. He mostly uses himself as a suitcase for pulling out supplies when he and his crew do a job but when he unleashes his black hole, it's best to start running. 

Minox is mostly docile like a panda but he still has a knack for being useful in his criminal crew led by "The Komodo". 

I'm trying to add this quaint line of action through this sketch... I'm still trying to learn how to do it right :)

Any suggestions on an arc for The Komodo Krew?

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