Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Numbuh 110: Chuck Package

My fan art for Codename: Kids Next Door :D I loved how clever this cartoon was and it was still pretty fun to watch. When a cartoon series has a more interesting world than what most people follow, it's like magic to me :DKND is full of stuff that I would like to refer to when I build up on my cartoon worlds. KND had a ton of fun stuff from, the operatives, the villains, the conspiracy, their technologies, their backstories, their lore, their rules, the fact that they can destroy so much stuff and nobody seems to notice... and the ANAGRAMS... Holy crap those things were so amusing.

Numbuh 110: Chuck Package
Leader of Sector U in Uruguay.

A geeky fanboy that is obsessed with comic books and video games. Outfitted all Sector U operatives with superhero costumes and powers to fight gaming curfews made by adults. Tries to find kids with unique abilities to join Sector U and help them control their amazing talents. :D

Any readers out there want their KND-OC to join Sector U? Share your idea on the comment section :D

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