Monday, January 11, 2016

Comic Review Time: Bee and Puppycat

The Temp Job I wish I could do...

 It's time for me to make another comic book review... So I can put down playing Pokemon Y for a few minutes. I chose to do a review of a comic that my girlfriend picked up. It's Bee and Puppycat

(She started squealing when she saw Puppycat. I did too... but internally!)

 We managed to find the first issue along with later issues at the comic book store. They can be hard to find since comic books are mostly confined in specific book stores in the Philippines. But thankfully with more comic book and art conventions springing up all over the year I'm feeling hopeful that there's a new wave of comic book releases up in my neighborhood.

 As for Bee and Puppycat, I think it's a nice gem of a comic. It works the same way Adventure time works. I'm not really a huge fan of Adventure Time. However I do understand it's appeal. It's goofy and silly and full of strange and wonderful things. I actually have 2 box sets of Adventure Time: Card Wars. But I digress...

 The story for Bee and Puppycat centers around a girl named Bee. I don't know why she's called Bee but then again I don't really need to know. What I do know is she's a young adult having difficulty holding on to a job. She then meets Puppycat (A half cat and half puppy character) who becomes her pet/roommate. Puppycat also works odd jobs for what seems to be an interdimensional company and brings Bee along with him to earn extra cash. The comic book is a collection of episodes with Bee and Puppycat going on missions or just chilling. So you don't really know what you'll get into.

  I liked the series very much since it reminded me of my childhood with Archie Comics. It wasn't a long winding tale that I've gotten used to. It's light and funny and it doesn't take itself very seriously. If my dark side of comics were covered in Batman or Sandman, my lighter side of comics would have mostly Invader Zim and Bee and Puppycat. 

 Another thing that might've hit home for me was that I like that Bee is just an awkward person looking for a means of income. I'm in the same boat. I write and draw comics in an attempt to make some money but it's not easy. I wish I had a magical chimera with super powers that can offer me part time gigs for a bunch of cash. :) Also I like Bee's interactions with her neighbor and friend Deckard. They're sweet and goofy.

(Visually fun at the very least)

 Puppycat is also pretty awesome with the ability to shoot explosive hairballs and other insane abilities. He's the calm and collected one of the pair. But what I love about him the most is that he has an unapologetic dark side. I'm not sure if that's how he's supposed to be but he's willing to do things Bee finds a bit or incredibly dark... like eat a dish made from 10,000 innocent souls. I dunno why but that makes me laugh so hard.

 The stories are nice and fun to read but have some things that makes me feel the way I do about Adventure time. Sometimes the characters can be stale. It's like they don't want to do what they're supposed to do. I think it's supposed to add to the silliness but sometimes it's just annoying. Also the short stories can come as a coin toss. Sometimes it's good and sometimes its meh. It's not a huge thing though. Bee is mostly entertaining and Puppycat can bring a lot to the scene as well.

 So overall I give Bee and Puppycat a rating of: 10,000 innocent souls out of ten. Yum Yum!

 P.S. : The Animated Short is also pretty awesome :D

(You took too long... Now your candy's gone!)

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