Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pokemon Y Journey #1

Oh Frabjous Day Kalou Kalay... I'm not sure how that goes...

  But anyway, I finally got my hands on a copy of Pokemon Y for my 3ds. So Merry Christmas to me :) 

(I will catch you soon too. Y shaped bird thingy)

  I've been playing this game for roughly 25 hours already this past week or more... who knows... Holy balls it's almost 2016 already... 

  Suffice to say... I'm loving this game so far. So I started with Chespin cuz I always seem to choose the fire type a lot when I play Pokemon and wanted to give the grass type a fair shake. Also Chespin is cute as balls...

(Look at it... It's so cuuuuute.)

  I still like him as Quiladin but I was kinda turned off with Chesnaught... The whole large head and big eyes thing was working then they shrunk it... :(

  I didn't know until later I could have another pick of starters from generation 1 so I picked my all time fave: Charmander cuz Charizard is pretty cool. 
(And Mega Charizard Y is just soooo badass...)
  I find myself going back and forth a lot from Pokemon centers simply cuz I didn't realize how much I would spend catching more and more pokemon. I have around 110 by now and it's nowhere even close to done. or even half. Just so many... and the masochist in me wants to train them all.

(I wanna be the very best.... Oh dear Arceus have mercy on me)
 I think I'm doing the wrong thing here... Maybe I should be catching them all later on... since all that grinding trying to catch all the pokemon in an area has left me with a slight problem... I'm too over leveled for the gym fights.

  The gym leaders are not so intimidating when I get to them. I was hoping for an epic fight when I went up against Viola, Grant, Korrina and Ramos but after catching at least a dozen new pokemon in between each of them... I found them all underwhelming. 

  I think I can battle them again in the Battle Chateau so I'm hoping they'd have a beefier team by then. I mean none of em had more than 3 pokemon and as for most Gym leaders all share a certain weakness.

  I hope the folks at the Pokemon Company adopt a new strategy when it comes to gyms. Pokemon is full of variety so I think gym leaders can have an awesome theme but doesn't have to revolve around a certain type. I liked the gym designs for Pokemon Y. A spider web is pretty cool as well as a rock climbing wall, a skate park and a giant tree you can swing around in. 3 pokemon for the early gym leaders is fine but a twist and or a challenge would be pretty awesome.

(Might do a review on each of these gym leaders cuz I kinda like them as characters...)

  The new features for interacting with your pokemon is also a great plus. I never had the patience to EV train my pokemon so Super Training gives stat boosts a more open experience as well as the Pokemon amie for building bonds with your pokemon...

That's all I have to say for now... cuz I want to get back playing some more... Til Later!

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