Thursday, December 3, 2015

Superman x Batman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Here's some thoughts I wanted to share about the new trailer:

Give this a watch then scroll down for my short review.

   I'm a little on the fence about this one. The opening scene was awesome, yes. Clark giving out that precise question to Bruce Wayne is just awkwardly hilarious. Then they lay the plot on there pretty quickly... "Who is actually doing any good? Batman or Superman?". 

   The comic book fans know this debate well. I think this is how Amanda Waller was born. "Who keeps the superheroes in check?" We've all seen the Batman try to keep a handle on all of the members of the Justice League just in case any of them we're to pose a threat to humanity. In many cases, the members actually welcome it. It's like the zombie dilemma. Kill yourself or turn into a monster. 

   Then out comes Jessie Eisenburg as Lex Luthor. This was one of the things that made me nervous about the casting choices. Amy Adams made me feel the same way when she came out as Lois Lane but thankfully she did an alright job of it. But Lex Luthor, probably the second most iconic DC villain (I'm a Joker fanboy...) has some big formidable shoes to fill and it's played by a fast-talking, soft-spoken actor. I dunno, He sounds like the Riddler, more than anything. I'm not gonna count him out just yet. Thanks to Heath Ledger, fans of the superhero movies know that the actors can surprise you. So I'm holding off my judgement till after I watch the whole thing.

  Then there's all the cutscenes that reminded me of the Man of Steel. Just so much destruction... I'm all for a super power beatdown but this was the knife's edge back in Man of Steel. There was just so much fighting and smashing and explosions. You didn't know when it would resolve. So I'm hoping they keep the fighting on point in this movie. Even with what appears to be Alfred talking in the background along with "the social Luthor" I think it was nice especially with the Boxing Fight Title card being announced.

  This is where it got me really worried. They decided to drop not one but two bombs into the mix. Number 1 would be Doomsday. Freakin' Doomsday! From what I can gather, I think Lex Luthor tried to reanimate or clone Zod from the past movie and out came the monstrocity. The design is pretty "meh"... Doomsday did look like a Micheal Bay Ninja Turtle... Hopefully (Oh please let them get this right) Doomsday will have his signature rock spikes when fighting ensues. 

   Number 2 is Princess Diana of Themyiscira, herself. That's right folks. It's frickin Wonder Woman. This better make sense in the movie. I think it's great that WW is finally getting the big screen treatment after all these years. Also Gal Gadot looks amazing as her. Here's hoping for a Wonder Woman title to be coming out soon. 

  Also for a trailer, I think it may have given away waaaay too much. How much would the comic fanboys and fangirls go insane if Doomsday was a surprise. I think we already had enough with the Batbot suit and Wonder Woman.

  Like I said, all in all, this trailer has me worried and on the fence. I want it to be great. Just so the trend continues of having superhero movies come out every year the same way new comic books come out every month. It's by far my favorite genre of action movies. I want to see them all get a film. Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Green Lantern even down to Booster Gold or Elongated Man :)) So please don't screw this up, Warner Bros. 

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