Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pokemon Fever: Pokemon Y

It's a valid medical situation...

  I'm taking a break from reviewing comic books right now. After all: "One passion does not a geek make". Cartoons have been spread all over different mediums that it's more or less part of everyday life. And I like to think that this is what I'm standing for. It's one of the greatest manifestations of human imagination. Humans have been drawing cartoons to depict wildlife since we were living inside stone caves...

 And speaking of drawing wildlife (BEST SEGWAY EVAAAH!), I want to talk about another love of my life, Pokemon! Well maybe cartoon monsters in general but let's focus on Pokemon for now. I remember first laying eyes on Pokemon when I was in the 4th grade and I was 11 and watching my first episode on local TV. I was instantly hooked. Also there's that theme song... which is kinda cheesy now that i think about it but as an 11 yr old, I had no chance... I wanna be the very best... like no one ever was.... *Snap* oh wait I'm doing a review.

(I'm pretty sure there's a pokemon using hypnosis when the theme is playing.)

 I'm gonna jump ahead a bit and start talking about what I've learned about the 6th generation of pokemon games: Pokemon X and Y. I just got a Nintendo 3DS this month... (Finally!) and I've been itching to play these 3DS titles. The first games I got were Smash Bros. for 3DS and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D which were pretty awesome games but I found myself with a bigger nagging feeling. I was coming down with a bad case of Gowta Kacheemal. 

 This has happened before on my old busted Nintendo DS. I wanted to play remake of the first Pokemon game I ever finished: Pokemon Silver and I so wanted to try Soul Silver. Short version: It did not disappoint. I was sucked in so much that my lovely girlfriend kept trying to grab my DS away from me. Now that I have a 3DS the symptoms are back.

(I feel itchy... Do you feel itchy?... Why am I so itchy?)

 I haven't bought my copy of Pokemon Y yet. I chose Y because it seems to be getting a slightly higher score than Pokemon X. Also I'm drawn to Yveltal more than Xerneas cuz he reminds me of a Hydralisk and how mediocre I am in Starcraft. I couldn't get enough of the review videos and articles about it. There's so much to do and I'm a big fan of the grind if it's fun.

 Speaking of new stuff to do... You can now customize your trainer which was a long time coming to be honest. I'm not sure as to what extent you can customize your trainer but I'm glad they've added it. 

(Finally I can be black now.)

Also the 3D visuals of the game gives joy to my cartoon heart. It looks so pretty and I'm practically drooling over it.

(Aww man... Now my keyboard is wet.)

And not to mention: MEGA EVOLUTIONS!!!!

(Aaaand so are my pants...)

 So easy to say I'm pretty excited... Frickin check is gonna take till the next week to clear YARAARARARGH! Hopefully I can post my journey here on my blog for everyone's viewing pleasure :) I'm not that good at competitive play but there's more to it than that I hope. 

 I'll also give my out of ten score once I've tried it some more :D Til then... I'll be here... rocking back and forth on the floor until I can get my hands on Pokemon Y.

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