Saturday, August 6, 2016

Post Game Indieket 2016

Another Con in the wraps...

Indieket Banner with art by Gio of giosdesk

 Never go to the con without getting enough sleep. 

  Never go to the con without getting enough sleep. 
    Never go to the con without getting enough sleep. 

I know I know... The things you sacrifice just to get paid. But it really hits home when work gets in the way of stuff you love but you can't survive without getting paid for said work.

The consequences were made real yesterday at #IndieKet2016. I just got off working from 10pm to 6am. I had to finish stapling my last batch of prints before heading off to the con at around 10am. No sleep. No nap. Straight on forward.

I wanted to ask to skip work the night before but nooooooo. Apparently it's not a valid excuse to skip a day of learning how to answer a phone. *sigh* 

We got to the con late and whacked out of my mind. I couldn't focus up and kept trying not to throw up. Til my lovely partner decided we should take a nap at Starbucks. I woke up later in the afternoon and managed to sell a fairly decent amount of comics and stuff. So it wasn't a total loss.

Also huge thanks to my teammates who manned the table while I was out cold and our awesome neighbors for keeping us going. Shout out to Kuya Gio of Giosdesk and Nick the professor. 

The con itself was pretty lively with awesome features and contests. I wish I did better at the on the spot comic making contest but I was soooo out of it. Congrats to Gio and Milo for getting the cash prize :D

It wasn't as big of a turnout as the previous con since it was mainly focused on Independent Artists. However the amount of comics was still pretty awesomely staggering. Great art was everywhere even though I couldn't appreciate them all that coherently that day.

I swear by the next convention I'm gonna be more in shape for it. Thanks to all who dropped by the Eventual Empire Table and picked up my books and artworks by my team. We really appreciate it. 

Til next time. Enjoy your comics!

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