Saturday, July 30, 2016

Got to scrape on by...


 The first week of training for yet another BPO for me... Money is hard to come by up in this town. Since the only "acceptable" way of having a job is to get a corporate one. I find it somewhat a pipe dream to be able to say I'm an artist for a living with it actually being my main source of income... Sadly nope, not all artists can have the dream that easily. A lot of us here actually have to either sacrifice our time or our dignity to be able to feed ourselves.

 But no fear... Because despite all this. I will pick up my pencil and I will continue to make. :D

Here's some of what I made too :

Slimer Fan Art poster :D

Scarecrow (Batman) Fanart Poster

Druggy Salvaged (Political Satire Cartoon)

 I'm also working on Anarchy Inc. #2 since I took a detour and finished two other shorter books for release next week at Indieket 2016 :D So I hope to see you guys there and sign a few books for ya'll :D Til next time... Enjoy your comics!

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