Monday, July 11, 2016

Indieket 2016 Book Roster

It's been a year...

Well it's gonna be my anniversary soon. :D I first started selling my original comic books last year at the Pinoy Indieket, which is a convention for new and upcoming indie comic book artists and writers. 

 I was invited by another comic book artist named Manix Abrera after I got him to sign my sketchbook. And I figured, how could refuse such a gracious offer? 

 I'm glad I took the shot and I've been trying to sell more of my books ever since.

 So without further digressions, I present my 2016 Indieket Line-up!

1. Anarchy Inc. #1 15 copies
 Bale city has more than it's fair share of people with special abilities and choose to defy the strict laws in its enforcement. For whatever reasons they choose these people have been branded as wanted criminals and are named "Anarchists".

2. Welcome to the BPO! #1 and #2  15 copies each.

 A collection of strips poking fun about the ups and downs at working for a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company like call centers. 

3. The Chibi Collection of 2 Sentence Horror Stories. 15 copies

 A spine chilling yet adorable collection of Horror Stories with chibi illustrations.

4. Anarchy Inc. Sillies #1 and #2 (2nd Edition) 10 copies each. (Covers to be Edited)

 Another collection of funny Comic Strips featuring some of the characters in Anarchy Inc.

5. Animal Warfare (2nd Edition) 10 copies 

 Aliens have brainwashed the human race as they invade planet earth. It's up to the pets to save their human companions and rid the world of this alien menace.

6. Point Break Mall #1  (2nd Edition) 10 copies

 Pez is the new security officer at Point Break Mall. He quickly discovers that the mall is riddled with many strange and bizarre enchantments. It's up to him and his partner Tik to keep order among the mall denizens and customers.

So I'll be trying to finish the other comics as much as I can but for sure I'll be having these books printed to be sold by next month.

Til then, Have a good one!

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