Friday, June 24, 2016

Avatars and Learning

Make it til you make it :D

 Whew... I get stuck a lot in the middle of my creation process. I may have finished the Welcome to the BPO #2 but I can't seem to get past page 1 of my next Anarchy Inc. I keep wanting it to be better so I took some time to watch and rewatch some of my favorite tutorials in youtube. Thank goodness for the internet. 

 So a quick shoutout to my favorite art tutorial channels: Drawing with Jazza (He's Jazza!) and Will Terrell. I recommend you guys check out their channels cuz their work always makes me super excited to draw.

 You get stuck wanting to redo everything all the time but I've decided to just keep moving forward with my work. I still love to learn how to do things but can't get bogged down trying to fix past mistakes. Just have to make the next one better.

 So here's some new artworks for the next steps. :)

My Light and Dark Avatars for our Eventual Empire Banner :D Yes the beard can get out of hand at times.

Drew Pez from Point Break Mall in a more manic comic book style. Might stick with the original style for the book.

Trying out some animation with some rough sketching :))

Anywho Here's to hoping I get Anarchy Inc. #2 out by Indieket next August T_T My brain hurts now :) See you next time.


  1. I like how different and unique your cartoons are. Keep up the good work Chuck!
    Also, the beard can definitely get out of hand sometimes. Definitely! :D

    1. Thank you very much :D Yes the beard can be troublesome :D