Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Inktober Catch Up : 19 - 31

All the way!

 It's here... Finally got to upload my Inktober drawings for Days 19 - 31. Apologies for the delay cuz I actually got hand cramps from making all these and my black and blue brush pens are now running on fumes :))

 Anywho, here are the new drawings :) Enjoy!

Day 19: Archon Action Pose

Day 20: Monster Rancher: Ducken

Day 21: Mushroompire

Day 22: Anarchy Inc.: Erdex

Day 23: Naruto: Nara Shikamaru

Day 24: Pokemon : Pancham and Pangoro

Day 25: Bradley

Day 26: Super Mario: Lemmy

Day 27: Batman: Mr. Freeze

Day 28: Adventure Time: Ice King and Gunter

Day 29: 'Splosions

Day 30: Batman: Mad Hatter

Day 31: Anarchy Inc.: Nocturne

 Phew! It was a good Inktober :D Hopefully by next Inktober I'll have more colored markers available and be able to have some more drawing materials for these :D

 Anyone out there done with their Inktober stint? Give me a shoutout in the comments section! Til next time, Enjoy your cartoons :)

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