Monday, November 21, 2016

Still on a Komikon High

Winter Komikon 2016 was a blast.

 Thought I'd update this blog as well with what happened last Komikon weekend.

 Got messed up on the first day being 7 hours late because had to go to the doctor's to get my girlfriend's blood tests. Sigh.

 No worries though. We went back the next day and I sold out on 3 titles of my comic books. That is just the best feeling. I loved that a lot people were able to respond and enjoy my creations... T_T

 Also we ran into some great names in local comics and got some great advice on how to get our work out there more. 

 So thanks to all the participants and organizers of Komikon 2016 and we'll see you next con.

 Til next time, Enjoy your comics!

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