Friday, April 22, 2016

Winding down from Summer Komikon 2016

You've got to keep plowing through...

 Another Komikon come and past last 16th of April. Took me a week to recover from the haze and dizziness. :D

 I had a great time. The con was condensed to one day this year. I think it was a better choice since hauling merchandise all weekend was killing me. :D Not to mention I had the arduous task of lugging around a mug heat press the whole time T_T. Errands...

 Anywho, I was glad I was able to finish my first Anarchy Inc. comic book for public release. :) and I'm happy to say I managed to sell them all at the convention and then some. :D 

 It wasn't easy though. I was up all night before the con trying to staple the dozen copies I printed out. This was after a whole week of finishing the story and the art. I had to catch up since I wasted about a month and a half working for yet another company that had no idea what it was doing. Ugh. 

 But got through it. Yup. Broken and muddied, I got through it. And the moment people appreciated my work made it all worthwhile. So thanks again to the people who picked up my new book and the old ones as well.

 Other great points from the con would be getting free comic books from a trivia contest and getting a picture with another of my favorite local artists: Pol Medina Jr.

 Pol Medina Jr. is the creator of one of my favorite local comics: Pugad Baboy. (Pig's nest in English). It's about a town of rather chubby people living their typical Filipino lives. It's a great commentary about my country and it's issues as well as some epic stories mixed in. I wanted to buy another book from him at the con but then I realized I've read them all :)) I've been reading his work since I was 10 years old and here he is 17 years later. :D

Thanks Pol :)

One of my favorite issues because of Bardagul Kapote where Mang Dagul and Brosia become private investigators :D

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