Monday, April 4, 2016

Doing some reorganizing...

Cleaning up my blogs...

 Hey everybody :D I was reading up on how to manage blogs and whatnot. So I've decided to organize my blog. I started this blog, Chuck the Cartoon Boy, as an art blog for my work. Also it helps to have my work online so I can cling on to this delusion that I can get paid for my work soon. :))

 The good news is I'm making another blog dedicated to, yep you guessed it, GAMING. So check out my thoughts on games at Thanks to Extra Credits for making think more about my games and experiences. 

 Also moving my comic book reviews and thoughts to I;m gonna have some words over the reactions on the Batman v Superman movie and on the movie itself once I watch it. 

 So that's about it. Hopefully you guys can keep watch over my new blogs as well. Also here's to me trying to finish making my new book before PH Komikon next week :D CHEERS!

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