Monday, November 16, 2015

Quest Start!

My Journey Through the Comic Cons (well the ones in PH anyway)...

    To my readers, Sorry I've been away for a while but I've got a pretty awesome reason. I tried my hand at comic book conventions here in the Philippines and I'm happy to say things look bright for independent comic book creators up in here. We're no longer a "closeted species for niche markets". A lot of people are opening up to sequential art as a medium this including animation and video games which my geek trifecta. There are more events catered for local comic book creators such as TokyoPop, Cosplaymania, H3 and the like.

    I'd like to thank the people who ran the convention I was able to afford: Komikon, Komiket and Indieket. So a shout out to these folks.
    I have to say it was quite the learning experience. But it was soooooooooo much fun. I met the most awesome people. I love that we all seem like those kids by the playground trading comics. You know the stereotype: Glasses, Bowl Cut, Allergies :D (well I'm a 27 year old that can't grow much hair... on my head anyway... so I can't have a bowl cut) The artists there are oh so welcoming. They just love to find more people like them. :D

    This all started last May. It was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and me and my lovely girlfriend (who would pout if she wasn't mentioned here), Marisse were lining up at Fully Booked BGC Area to get our fill of comic books. Fortunately there was a mini convention of artists available at the place so we decided to stop on by. There was plenty of talent around that place so much so that you could cut it with a knife. We lined up to get our free comics autographed by one of the more popular local artists: Manix Abrera of KikoMachine fame. He was such a nice guy and I asked him to make doodle on my sketchpad. He fanned through my sketchpad and encouraged me to join a convention. He started sharing more information about the upcoming cons that I could join... Needless to say, from then on I was hooked!

Me and Marisse with Manix (right) Yes the light in the background are aliens trying to abduct us

   I started selling my comics last August and people were open to them. I guess that would make me a professional now... :D I was able to make something out of all the doodles I made and that feeling for an artist is just a whole new world. It's great. You can see a sort of community there. Readers and Writers and Artists all in one place.

Me at my Table last October Komiket. I don't look very flattering :D

   One of my favorite things about the cons is the freebies. I'm lucky enough to be able to get some free stuff from all the conventions I went to. That is just awesome! From Comic books to art supplies to full novels. The rewards are big on this quest.

And with that I bid you a "Til next time!". I'll be posting more about my comics soon as well as talking about the other local comics I was able to procure at the con so I hope everyone will be looking forward to that. :D

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