Sunday, April 14, 2013

Anarchy Inc.: Jack

I'm gonna do a character profile for today's post. Since character designs are what I have most :D

Name: Jack aka JackWolf
Series: Anarchy Inc.

     Jack is one of the members of the "Anarchy Inc." vigilante group. He's a giant goofball most of the time, which explains his clownish demeanor. On the other side, he's quite serious about the groups mission to stop crime and corruption from controlling Bale city. He's also very protective of people he considers his friends especially Mr. Marco. He's always the first one to volunteer to head into the fray without much of a plan and often leads himself into unnecessary fights.

    Jack carries a blunt sickle attached to magical orb that creates a seemingly infinite length of indestructible chains. He likes to bind people in chains and leave them suspended till police come. Though this is Jack's usual way of fighting and dealing with things, when things get desperate or jack gets too dark his second personality and hidden power comes out as Feral Jack from which he gets his alias.

   Feral Jack has his  own persona and way doing things. He can be helpful at times but only to his agenda and is often cruel even to his allies. He forgoes the use of his sickle and chain as Feral Jack and uses his sharp claws and teeth as well as his enhanced abilities to do as he pleases. Only after he's done with whatever he does, does he return to Jack.

A portrait of Jack and a depiction of Feral Jack, his dark side.
Jack sneaking up on Nocturne's goons in Chapter 1.
 A recent character splash page I made for Feral Jack!

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